Welcome to PHP Black Book.com. PHP is the world's most popular language for creating the World Wide Web, the base for the Internet as we know it this century.

At the front of the Web, on your screen, you see information decorated with CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Android and iOS apps created another front end connection to the Web. Behind those decorators, the powerhouse servers run PHP.

80% of the world's Web sites announce PHP as their Web scripting language. Then there are all the sites hiding their internal working and all the sites delivering their data through front ends, like proxy servers, where the identification information is deleted.

There is one huge site that currently hides the technology behind their Web site. They used t build a small part of it using Java and set the site up to brag about their use of Java. I created an important part of the site using PHP. The lead developers set up a proxy in front of my part of the Web site server to make my pages look like they were created by Java.

When you use an app on your handheld device, the data is delivered by a Web server and most of those hidden servers use PHP because PHP can deliver the same information direct to the Web without the expense or difficulty of setting up a separate server.

Enjoy your time learning and using PHP.